I keep thinking how incredible it is to …

June 5, 2008

I keep thinking how incredible it is to make these films in 2-3 weeks. It forces you to “ride the bullet:” get what you need and work with what you have.

Before logging 7 hours, I wrote out a paper cut — in standard screenplay format — to lead my composer down the right path. It was a great way to imagine all the footage I (hopefully) shot!


A Memorial Day Weekend to Remember

May 30, 2008

A Memorial Day Weekend to Remember

Three days and seven hours of tape later, principal photography of “My Best Friend for Congress” is completed.

It’s funny how you stay with your subject, shadow him around every corner… and you’re still running against the clock to get that sit-down interview, 40 minutes before your plane takes off.

This isn’t disorganization. This is modern politics.

Now, onto that 7 hours…