Opening it up and cutting down…

May 27, 2008

Opening it up and cutting down…

I’ve finished all of my interviews and I’m currently narrowing down my video. Wow, I have a lot…of…video. Four interviews really make up a lot of footage, don’t they? Its amazing how much people can gab when you asking how they feel about the media’s coverage of the election.

I got a very good graphic artist and really good friend working on my open. I gave him a sketchy idea and he just ran with it and for that I’m eternally grateful. He’s already told me its going to take him a few days just to get all his elements together and situated, but I’m not concerned. He’ll get it done. I have dirt and I’m not afraid to use it. There’s a lesson here, my friends. Honesty during a beer filled jam session will always ALWAYS come back to haunt you! (I kid…kid…sort of)

I’ve got to get this cut down to three minutes and I’ve got it down to 10. No worries though, I was at 22!🙂 I’ve been in this boat before though. You have so many great soundbites and its hard sometimes to let them go, but I the important thing is is to make sure I’m not repeating myself. Hopefully, I’ll have a great product to show for all this work and you guys won’t tear me up toooo much on the discussion boards. (Please?)

Till next, Boys and Girls. Same battime…same batchannel!

Too Much to Work With…

May 26, 2008

Too Much to Work With…

Sorry it has taken me so long to post. I keep thinking when something interesting happens, I’ll post. Of course its much later when I realize, “Oh, they probably want to hear about the whole process!”

I’m currently at editing on MEMORIAL DAY because that is how dedicated I am. 😉 I’ve completed about four interviews and I’m whittling down from those. Fortunately and unfortunately, I have plenty of people who have A LOT to say about this election and I’m having a hard time cutting them down, but I soldier on.

I also seem to be one tape short. Apparently, my DVC Pro deck doesn’t seem to like the type of tape I shot on and refuses to read it. Ahhh, technology! It makes life so much simpler, doesn’t it?

A little concerned about that, but, luckily, the meat of my interviews wasn’t on that tape. For the most part I have been working with P2 cards which are a blessing and a curse. Its very easy to dump all the footage into the computer easily and with one click, but for some reason the files don’t come in in-order so more sifting, but I’m not worried…yet.

To be continued…


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