Comments from Urban Arts Partnership students

June 15, 2009


Heating Up

How to Reduce your Carbon


We applied for the grant to make an animation for WGBH because we felt this opportunity would provide us with a creative way to display the important issue of global warming and how each person in the world creates an impact through their carbon footprint. We wanted to bring awareness to some of the simple steps that each individual can and should take to offset their carbon footprint, such as turning your lights, TV or computer off when not in use; taking public transportation; and recycling. I don’t think my peers realize that they can be part of the solution to decrease global warming, so we hope our film is both an engaging and educational way to inform people and activate them to make changes.-Olivia McClendon and Zanetta King

takestepsAs a class, we learned about Global Warming. We then asked ourselves the simplest steps we could each take to reduce our carbon footprint in our daily lives and save money while doing so. In learning the process of good storytelling, we all wrote down different ideas and presented them. Through selection and elimination, we came up with some winning ideas to weave into an entertaining story about carbon footprint. We learned key filmmaking concepts and skills (fiction vs. non-fiction, angles, framing, composition and visual design). We also talked about pop culture in filmmaking and how we could capitalize on that to evolve our story. We thought the most compelling way to get our audience’s attention and have them adopt these steps was by animating our trash turning into a monster and telling us to wake up and do something about the situation we are helping to create by non action.

We used photo shop, photography, stop frame animation and adobe after effects to realize our vision.–Class Statement


I‘m learning how to use photo shop, animate, create characters that can speak and create thought bubbles and other awesome things. We are focusing on the environmental issue of reducing one’s carbon footprint. This is a great opportunity and I am learning a lot of new skills.-Christopher Guillen

I’m learning about what a carbon footprint is and how to animate. The main idea is to understand what a carbon footprint is and how can we show the world how to reduce it.             

The US has the highest carbon footprint and we must reduce it by carbon offsetting. Carbon offsetting is

how to make up for your carbon footprint capacity. Every little thing you do can affect the environment greatly.
Our class/crew decided that the solution we have is how can we reduce the amount of electricity, gas, and oil

usage for ourselves. In the end, we are making an animation to show our ideas to the world. -Tenzin Gompo

I’m learning a lot about animation and how to reduce our carbon footprint. Some of the things we are animating are bottled water and gases from cars to give people an idea of what causes a carbon footprint. -Michael Cosme