And the open call prize winners are…

March 17, 2011

It’s been over 40 years since protests at New York City’s Stonewall Inn sparked a civil rights movement among the gay and transgender communities. In anticipation of the television debut of the film about that event, Stonewall Uprising, AMERICAN EXPERIENCE and WGBH Lab issued an open call, asking you to show us what’s happening in the gay rights movement since then. Your responses show us a variety of efforts by Americans to define love, family and identity for themselves.

Among the video submissions you’ll see folks battling for civil unions and the right to adopt, demonstrations in Reno, New York City and St. Louis; marvel at Varna Hardy’s depiction of Social Security discrimination and learn a new empathy for transgender individuals like Johanna, Tré Andre, Miss Major, Mycroft and Sabrina, who show us their determination in the face of rejection from family and co-workers.

These videos introduce us to LGTBQ artists, activists, students and retired people, teachers, southerners, military personnel, urban dwellers and even a puppet teased for being “grey”. Enjoy the creative and diverse perspectives.  Each short reminds us that every eye looking through a viewfinder sees things differently. That’s why we invite everyone to participate in the Lab’s open calls. We say THANK YOU to each contributor for sharing a powerful story with us.

We offered five cash prizes of $1000 each to inspire your best work. We enjoyed every video we received, but some entries display a level of excellence in production or storytelling that deserve extra recognition. Without further ado:


You can view the five winners HERE and learn more about each of the winning producers.


RSVP’s Coming In for Stonewall Uprising Open Call

December 23, 2010

Yes, the holiday season is upon us, and for many aspiring video and film makers that means a break from the day job to get out the cameras and get serious about storytelling. Perfect timing! The Lab’s new open call is in full swing. We want your stories about the gay rights movement as you see it happening right now in your community.

RSVPs have just started to come in, as you can see from the map below (click to visit the live version). What’s your story idea?  Be sure to let us know.

If you haven’t already visited the Stonewall Uprising Open Call home page, please do! There is a trailer there of the film, which airs on AMERICAN EXPERIENCE this April, and there are plenty of tips and advice, a page about our incredible contest judges and more.

Need some inspiration to tell a story about gay rights? Follow the lab on Twitter (WGBHLab) and check out our daily news feed: WGBH Lab Gay Rights Watch.

The Antiques Roadshow Open Call has been extended through Memorial Day Weekend

May 28, 2010

Give Your Feedback on Rough Cuts This Week!

June 10, 2008

Give Your Feedback on Election Rough Cuts:

Give your input on how to improve the shorts!

After working hard for the past 4 weeks, our 10 selected filmmakers have finished the Rough Cuts of their shorts about the 2008 Election — and now they need YOUR input to complete them!

Visit the WGBH Lab website and offer our Open Call filmmakers your feedback on what they have so far. Your input could be just what they need to hear to make a great piece! Shorts may be broadcast nationwide in association with P.O.V.’s summer schedule, so be sure to let the producers know what you think and make an impact on work that may air on PBS!

You’ve got ONE WEEK to have your say, so get to it!

‘Election 2008’ Open Call Producers Announced

May 15, 2008

‘Election 2008’ Open Call Producers Announced

The WGBH Lab is proud to announce we have selected 10 pitches for our Election 2008 Open Call with P.O.V! Let us stress that this was by no means an easy decision — everyone at the Lab was blown away by quality of and range of the submissions. We were so impressed that, for the first time ever, the WGBH Lab will be funding 10 producers in their quests to go out and create compelling shorts. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Pitch phase, and we look forward to everyone’s input as we move forward!

Check out which pitches we selected >

Also, be sure to watch this space in the future, as all of our Open Call producers will be posting progress reports to the blog as they create their shorts.