It’s Almost Time!

CC: casey.marshall

The video contest Stonewall Uprising and Gay Rights in 2011 is about to come to an end. Judges are still deliberating between many great video contributions!

Video makers have shared stories with us about people battling for civil unions and the right to adopt; about activists in Reno, New York City and St. Louis; Varna Hardy sent a chilling depiction of Social Security discrimination and we learned about the trials of transgender individuals like Johanna, Tré Andre, Miss Major, Mycroft and Sabrina, who share their stories of rejection and exploring identity.

In your videos we have met artists, activists, students and retired people, teachers, southerners, military personnel, urban dwellers and even a puppet who is teased for being “grey”. Every contribution reminds us that each eye looking through a viewfinder sees things a little differently. We say THANK YOU for sharing your view with us.

We’ll announce our five winners and introduce you to them next week! Be sure to check back with us then.

In the meantime, there is no doubt that the video makers who put their sweat into these stories would love to see your comments. Please watch, rate and add your review!


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