What are we looking for? Stories of courage.

A slide from The History Project exhibit, Windows on our Community. "ACT UP Die-In at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston March 24,1988"

Laying down on the street en masse is certainly one way to bring attention to the cause you care about. During the AIDS crisis, the activist group Act UP! staged well-organized protests to a national epidemic that needed a political solution. For example, this visual representation of the death toll might drive the point home.

Talk about visual impact! What effect does the image above have on you? Perhaps you are perplexed, wondering what gives someone the courage to protest this way.

Here is an example of what might make a good story in video to answer the Lab’s open call, Stonewall Uprising, inspired by the film of that name, airing on AMERICAN EXPERIENCE this April.

We want stories about men and women like those in the picture. We want to know what it is that makes them protest. We want to hear what issues are important to them today, and why they are able to express the same kind of courage that the men and women showed on the streets in Greenwhich Village in 1969, when they turned on the NYPD vice squads and decided enough was enough.

There is still time for you to send us a story. Follow this link for details on how to get started.


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