2010 has already been a good year for MY PERESTROIKA

Filmmaker In Residence Alum Robin Hessman went to SUNDANCE with her directorial debut, MY PERESTROIKA, and has returned with rave reviews.

After attending the screening at SUNDANCE, Variety Magazine says: “Robin Hessman’s debut feature is a documentary of considerable charm and nonjudgmental insight. It’s skedded for PBS broadcast next year, with fest travel and offshore sales (primarily tube) assured in the interim.”

You can read the full article at Variety Magazine.

MY PERESTROIKA, is a glance into what happens when to ordinary citizens when their communist country changes, over the course of a few years, into something resembling capitalism.

Using previously unseen materials from Russian archives, Soviet children’s television shows, cartoons, home movies, training films, and feature films, the documentary interweaves the visual world’s records with the narratives of people who came of age during Perestroika

The documentary is a co-production with Red Square Productions (US), Bungalow Town Productions (UK) and ITVS International, in association with American Documentary and YLE FST Finland. It has received support from the Ford Foundation, the LEF Foundation, the NEH, the Radziwill Documentary Fund, The Sundance Institute Documentary Fund, the WGBH Lab, IREX, and the Joukowsky Family Foundation.

MY PERESTROIKA will be broadcast in 2011 on the PBS independent film series, POV, marking the 20th anniversary of the collapse of the USSR.

Congrats to Robin Hessman! Her dedication and hard work has certainly paid off.


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