WGBH Lab Update: NOVA’s “What Darwin Never Knew”, Deadline for submissions, and new Life Stories

Hey WGBH Lab Friends,

Did you watch NOVA’s “What Darwin Never Knew”, last night? Did it inspire you? We sure hope so, because, today is the last day for you to submit your Life Stories for our NOVA Open Call. Get your submission in today at lab.wgbh.org, and your video short may be broadcast in conjunction with future NOVA programming on Life and Evolution.

Not submitting a Life Story? That’s okay – you can still visit the site and leave comments for your favorite submissions. Review Life Stories, and let us know which ones were your favorites.

Here are some new submissions:


I Am Evolution – If evolution, as a totality, became self-aware, and could express itself, this is what it might say.

The Colors of Veil – Explore the journey of a former US solider who converted to Islam, and found a new purpose for her life.

Impromptu Life – Containing an introduction of self and project, this animation is based off of life ideas and concepts.


View more at: http://thewgbhlab.org/nova-recently-added.

Have a great day,
The WGBH Lab


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