Hello world!

Hello World!

Blog…before engaging with this word as a verb, I have to admit that I don’t like the noun form very much. For one, it sounds like blah + ugh. For another, although it does (kind of) rhyme with a certain excellent holiday potation, both glögg and blog are awkward on the tongue (albeit, each in their own way).

So I am rechristening my contributions to this space as ‘blaughs’.

Does it rhyme with ‘cough’? Or ‘laugh’? Does it rhyme with ‘Waugh’, as in Evelyn? Who knows? (Because really, who knows how to pronounce Evelyn Waugh’s name? Moreover, who even knows that Evelyn is a he? Until I wrote this post, not I.)


Unlike glögg, blaugh entries seem best when consumed in small doses, so I will end this first try by saying that I am excited to have this chance to share a few thoughts about documentary endeavors. And I will do my best to keep this space free of both ‘blah’ and ‘ugh’.

Do check back in from time to time to say hi and let me know how I’m doing.



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