Entry_03: The End

Entry_03: The End

So as we all know – All good things must come to the end. Including my short for wgbh’s election inspired shorts collection.

In the end – I decided to change the title of my piece from “Faith and Circumstance” to “Tell me to Believe.”. I have two big reasons for changing it. 1. To make a statement – a strong statement – encouraging people to watch and listen to the piece while offering insight about my P.O.V on the media’s influence over people 2. I don’t want to scare people away with the direct mention of faith/religion in the title. I found that the mention of faith/religion immediately turned people off from watching.

The hardest part of final finishing was tweaking audio. I really need an audio professional to go though and make all of those kinds of adjustments but, I did what I could do.

The most important thing to remember at the end of each project is taking the time and energy to recognize and thank each and every great person who made my project possible. THANKS ALL!

I hope you all enjoy …… There is bound to be more exciting projects from me – beckyb – coming soon.

http://www.beckybeamer.com > for more information about this project and more.


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