Shooting in the Barrio Viejo


Crystal in the Barrio Viejo

It has been great fun to work with Tucson High School students.  I love everything that shows in their faces.  The students are educated, thinking, earnest, and innocent.

We did our final shoot this morning with Crystal, who is 16 and also a neighbor.  She will be going to Oakland soon to do youth training with Derechos Humanos.

Crystal told us she does not like to spend time away from her family because she gets really homesick.  Her Derechos Humanos youth group are planning a vigil at the home of Tom Horne, Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, who is one of the most vocal critics of Raza/Mexican American Studies.

We shot our short, which is now called, “Mi Otro Yo/My Other Me” in the historic part of town or the Barrio Viejo.  It is real close by Tucson High School and some of our subjects would ride their bikes to meet us for shoots.  One challenge has been the really hot, dry, and howling wind, which makes it difficult to record audio and also hold a reflector.  We have shot mostly outdoors and sometimes it sounds like a freakin’ war zone where we are shooting. The Tucson summer has arrived in force. 

Ari slashed and cut a good six minutes down to three minutes today.  We will show our three minutes to a few of the neighbors this afternoon, to see if they can understand what is so entirely understandable to us right now.




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