Too Much to Work With…

Too Much to Work With…

Sorry it has taken me so long to post. I keep thinking when something interesting happens, I’ll post. Of course its much later when I realize, “Oh, they probably want to hear about the whole process!”

I’m currently at editing on MEMORIAL DAY because that is how dedicated I am. 😉 I’ve completed about four interviews and I’m whittling down from those. Fortunately and unfortunately, I have plenty of people who have A LOT to say about this election and I’m having a hard time cutting them down, but I soldier on.

I also seem to be one tape short. Apparently, my DVC Pro deck doesn’t seem to like the type of tape I shot on and refuses to read it. Ahhh, technology! It makes life so much simpler, doesn’t it?

A little concerned about that, but, luckily, the meat of my interviews wasn’t on that tape. For the most part I have been working with P2 cards which are a blessing and a curse. Its very easy to dump all the footage into the computer easily and with one click, but for some reason the files don’t come in in-order so more sifting, but I’m not worried…yet.

To be continued…


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