Entry 01_Interviews_Take #1

Entry 01_Interviews – Take #1

I just completed my first production day – went pretty well. On a scale of 1-10 I give the day a 7. I took a couple of hours out of my Sunday afternoon to shoot some interviews and a little b-roll around the White House.

For this shoot – I really needed an extra hand. I simply can’t shoot, handle the paperwork (releases) and interview at the same time. But, I also had to find a person that was willing to help out for a credit and a little food. Being that it was Memorial Day weekend – I had trouble locating my “usual suspects”. Fortunately for me – my twin sister was available and willing to step in and help out. I only had to buy her lunch!

The great thing about Washington D.C. is all of the people just hanging around the monuments. So – I thought that finding interviewees would be a snap. Unfortunately, I didn’t factor in the international tourist into the mix. Since my short is about the election this year I found myself having to ask each person “Are you eligible to vote in the US?” as a way to weed out any non-Americans.

In the end, I did find a few very nice people willing to be interviewed on camera. My goal of 10 good interview was not reached and I only ended up with 3. All 3 are very usable and unique but, I need to add at least one more shoot day to the schedule to capture more interview material.
My next task is stock footage research. What can I get for free or super cheap?

– becky


Photo Credit: Allison Wolff

Outside the White House > Man with a Plan


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