Taming The Blogging Monster…

Taming The Blogging Monster…

So Brian Retchless created a monster. He didn’t know it at the time, but his needling Gita to take her blogging to another level was all she needed to hear–just add hot water with lemon and he’d created a blogging monster!! Fortunately, I knew how to tame this monster. I told Gita she could not write another blog post until I wrote one. She was making me look bad. So now after repeated emails urging me to blog I have succumbed. So be warned…expect the Blogging Monster’s triumphant return approximately three and a half minutes after I publish this post. I know the monster is itching to blog again.

Anyway, in this my second post, I figured I would talk about editing a full-length documentary film. Up until this point all of my editing experience–over a decade working in television and documentaries–was limited to short films and 30 second commercials and promos. Boy oh boy, is this a whole different animal. The pacing, tempo, use of music, everything is different. I’m used to editing to music, fast cuts, graphics heavy promos… We were told we would need to work with an editor. We would be too close to the material. This never made sense to me. Most of my professional experience had me editing on a daily basis. This was a strong suit for me, and we had no money to hire and editor. So I went in worried. Worried that I would be unable to make this work. A few months later, I am no longer worried. The feedback we have received from our advisers, and fellow documentary filmmakers, has relieved the worry.

I was forced to re-learn my craft. But I love it. Now I work on a scene with no music, just the footage, finding the perfect pace, cutting the scene down until all the fat is trimmed off it, and then working with our music composer, Zack Martin, to see how we can bring the scene to life with a little well placed music. Working with Zack is great– And a whole other post, and I’ll get into that next time. For now, I’ll turn it over to the BLOGGING MONSTER…


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