The Way We Get By

The Way We Get By

Today, I was told I don’t know how to blog. So this blog post is about my inability to BLOG!

Brian Retchless and me at the WGBH LabThis is picture of me and Brian Retchless.

He is the Program Coordinator at the WGBH Lab. For the most part, Brian is a nice guy (again….pls see photo). But today, he told me that I should read some other blog sites and spice up my blog. As a producer, I have a lot of daily tasks. Blogging is not my favorite activity. In part because I feel like no one really wants to know what is going on with the producer. It’s far more exciting to learn what the director is doing. Do you really want to know what fundraising is like for a film? Well, it’s a lot like hitting your head against a brick wall until you finally crack your head or start to see the brick crumble. For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to fundraise. I look at my budget for the film and think how can I find dollars to match these categories. Right now, we’re on schedule with our film but sooner or later, we will need money to deliver this baby…our 4 year old baby!

But before I get onto the fundraising track (which will be covered in my next exciting blog), let’s get back to my inability to get people to read my blog. I thought perhaps a sweet introduction to my blog would allow people to give me a chance….a warm welcome to our film. But I’m told that I’ve got to be more sexy with it….more thrilling and exciting. Again, I’m the producer….to’s about getting it done so that everything can run smoothly. So right now I’m trying to get it done.

Sure, I could try to use some (*&(^*%&^%(%&* in hopes that I can convince you to read this. Or I could write FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in hopes that your eyes, as they skim over this, will stop at this sentence….but why stoop that low?

I’m told blogging is an essential part to getting people interested in your film. In attracting potential funders and distributors. This is a sure way of getting marketing. Perhaps if you think this blog is in need of serious blogging help, you will provide me with some guidance….what do you want to know from me? From a producer who is just trying to get it done. Let me know….I’d be happy to blog about it. And if you just really think I need help, perhaps you’ll dedicate some of your time to be my blogging buddy.


One Response to The Way We Get By

  1. Brian says:

    I’m starting to think you should just take a stab at me every week. Then we could host a video boxing match or something. Yes! This is the future of promotion!

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